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I'm having values/percentages like 15, 35, 40. If I input these values into graph, the Dougnut graph is adjusting its percentage to 100. So the values I input is getting changed.

The above one is just example, in my case it's adding/subtracting the percentage to 0.01 to make sure that graph is having the 100 percentage.

Is there any way, I can make the graph to show 99.99% or 100.01% or restrict it to show only the values/percentages I input.?


Thanks in advance

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This is a sample with your shared values :

Please share a sample or the values with which we can understand you query and check further.


However if you want to display exactly the numbers or values that you are providing in the data objects, then set "showPercentValues" attribute to "0". Also if you want to show "%" as a symbol with all the numeric values, then set "numberSuffix" as "%".

Refer to this sample fiddle :




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