Data included in the date do not appear in the chart

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Hello, I am working on a line chart, where I have a problem on the date. I used ajax to return a json and apparently the json is returning correctly, but only the "look" of the graph appears, the information does not. Following photos for better analysis.

My Code:



Return Json (picture of Postman and Inspect Chrome)


5e39c4a60b341_2020-02-0416_22_40-Postman.png.3710fc6a5e8772ad1ff4c6977eae073b.png     5e39c4d3e3cd2_2020-02-0416_23_28-localhost_64571_WebForm1_aspx.png.82287d95ff4e1e5040e4cf746f81d7c1.png



I really don't know what can be divergent, thanks!

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Hi Ariovaldo,


The fetched result is being provided to the data as a string instead of an array of objects, hence you are not getting the data visualized on the chart. You need to provide the data as an JSON array of objects.

Check the below fiddles for the difference :

Data as a string -

Data as array of objects -




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