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Hi there

I've been diving into forum and docs, but I think I'm going in the wrong direction.

I'm trying to show a multi-series line chart. Only 3 data in the query: date, device and data. The format in query is like that: devicename (string) | date (datetime)| data (float)

What I want is to show a line for every device and see data along the time. I've seen several examples with xml, but none with json.

Could anyone show me an example of something similar? I know there must be lots of them, but I cannot find even one. My main problem is arrange the json. I have no experience with it but I think I coud use an example as a guide.

Thanks for all!

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You can check the documentation link of "msline" chart type for the showcased samples with JSON code references :

Also check the sample fiddle for a sample similar to your requirement mentioned :


Please note : You need to provide the chart JSON dataSource in the prescribed structure to render the chart. Also the msline chart type does not support real datetime on the x-axis, it is a categorical axis that takes in string which are displayed as labels on the chart.




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Thanks for your fast response.

Taking a look at the links I think I've found my mistake. It was a concept misunderstanding. I must convert my data to get a column for every device, a row for every datetime and a measure in the cell corresponding for that time and device.

Please, warn me if I'm wrong, but I'm gonna start from this point.

Thanks again and best regards

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