Heatmap with Zero values

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I'm facing no/Black color issue with my Heatmap. 

I've created a heatmap. Say dimension is Month and the values are all zero, I gave minvalue=0, maxvalue=100, color range 0 to 50 is 'Red', 50 to 100 is 'Green'. 

When I have only zero values for all months I get color as Black but when any value is more than 0 for any of the Month, all the other zero values starts showing 'Red' as expected. 

I need to know why the color is Black when all values are Zero, I need 'Red' for all the months even if all values are 0. Why it is not considering minValue as 0.

Please suggest. 



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Hi Apurva,


The Heat map chart is working as expected by setting your mentioned configuration of the colorRange as 0 - 50 and 50 - 100. Please check the below sample fiddle for reference :


You can replicate the issue in this sample fiddle and share us the updated link for the fiddle so that we can check further.




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