zoomscatter not working when scatter does.

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Have been using scatter chart for some time, and a new requirement to use the zoomscatter has come up and upon changing the type to zoomscatter I get this error:

Uncaught (in promise) Error: Error: Loading chunk 9 failed.
(error: fusioncharts.zoomscatter.js)
    at HTMLScriptElement.a (VM3779 fusioncharts.js:13)
    at VM3779 fusioncharts.js:13

We are currently using FusionCharts XT Enterprise and at version  3.13.4.

I've tried using the data from the sample just to rule out an issue with my data.  Again this works fine with the regular scatter chart. 

Any help would be appreciated. 


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Considering the tech stack to be Angular you need to import fusioncharts.zoomscatter.js to render zoom scatter chart, here is a snippet below

// Import angular-fusioncharts
import { FusionChartsModule } from 'angular-fusioncharts';

// Import FusionCharts library and chart modules
import * as FusionCharts from 'fusioncharts';
import * as Charts from 'fusioncharts/fusioncharts.charts';
import * as ZoomScatter from 'fusioncharts/fusioncharts.zoomscatter';

import * as FusionTheme from 'fusioncharts/themes/fusioncharts.theme.fusion';

// Pass the fusioncharts library and chart modules
FusionChartsModule.fcRoot(FusionCharts, Charts, ZoomScatter FusionTheme);


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Thanks for the help.   

I have another issue, now that the zoomscatter is showing correctly, in my normal scatter chart i'm using anchorImageUrl to show a custom image.   This works fine in the normal scatter, on the zoomscatter it tries to base64 encode the image and only shows a round ring.     I've tried a few different things with alpha settings etc, no luck.   The docs for anchors on zoomscatter does not have anchorImageUrl so this leads me to believe it's not supported.  

Any Ideas?   thanks again for the help.

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Zoomscatter chart deals with a large number of data plots with a zooming option hence at the first view if the image is added to the anchor for all the plots then the visualization will not be good. Hence anchorImageUrl is not supported.

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