getXMLData() bug

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<chart exportenabled="1" caption="Site hits per hour" subcaption="In Thousands" numdivlines="9" linethickness="2" showvalues="0" numvdivlines="22" formatnumberscale="1" labeldisplay="ROTATE" slantlabels="1" anchorradius="2" anchorbgalpha="50" showalternatevgridcolor="1" anchoralpha="100" animation="1" limitsdecimalprecision="0" divlinedecimalprecision="1">



<chart 0="." 1="/" 2="d" 3="a" 4="t" 5="a" 6="/" 7="f" 8="u" 9="s" 10="i" 11="o" 12="n" 13="C" 14="h" 15="a" 16="r" 17="t" 18="s" 19="/" 20="D" 21="o" 22="u" 23="g" 24="h" 25="n" 26="u" 27="t" 28="2" 29="D" 30="." 31="x" 32="m" 33="l" gsub="function gsub(pattern, replacement) {






When the above information is output in xml, it is displayed as below. What is the problem?

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