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Below is the code I'm using for the Column2d Chart. If you goto the link below you will see the actual chart and the outline with rounded corners that goes around the chart. My logo is beneath the white area (with the gray shadow and rounded corner). I want to keep the outline with the round corners/ drop shadow but yet still be able to view my Logo (hrtfitlogo.jpg).




Basically if I could move the logo forward one layersort of speak so that it would then be visible, this would be great!








subcaption='Weight loss' xAxisName='Weight by Date (Hover over image to view Info)' yAxisName='weight loss in lbs'  

showValues='0' showAlternateHGridColor='0' divLineColor='FFFFFF' divLineAlpha='0' canvasBorderColor='FFFFFF' 

baseFontColor='666569' lineColor='FCB541' yAxisMinValue='196' yAxisMaxValue='280' showLabels='0'  palette='4' bgcolor='FFFFFF'>[/color][/font]


I put in the damn code tags and my code still wont display! HELP on this so that I can post my code!

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is it possible to have an actual SWF as a background for the chart?

I have bgSWF='images/swf/600x275.swf' inside the chart element, yet it does not display.

If SWF is not allowed - your documentation is quite confusing.

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