Different gradients for each chart bar

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Can I design my bar chart with different gradient colors for each bar?

for example: 

the first bar will be a gradient of red & white 

and second, will be purple & blue? 

In my chart, I managed to create gradients but it didn't let me give the second bar different colors 




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Hi Shira,

In FusionCharts Bar2D chart you can provide different color to individual data plots ( bars ) by specify the HEX color code in the "color" attribute under the individual "data" objects. Also, you can apply gradient globally to all the bars by enabling the "usePlotGradientColor" chart attribute and you can apply gradient color using the "plotGradientColor" chart attribute. 

Please refer to this link for implementation:

As of now, FusionCharts do not support applying different gradient color to the individual data plots.

Documentation Link:

Hope this will help.

Srishti Jaiswal

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