Rahul Kumar

Gantt FC_Rendered chartid.saveAsImage not working

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I use the following JS function to (attempt to) save my gantt chart as an image.


function FC_Rendered(DOMId)








This works for all of my other charts but when I call it for my gantt chart I get the "is not a function" error in Firefox and IE. I have also tried making the saveAsImage function available for a click action (on a div, form button, whatever) and get the same result.




I know that the version of my .swf matters but as far as I know I have v3. Is there a way to tell what version I have?




Any help is greatly appreciated.





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You can use chart's debug mode to know the version information. However you can also download our latest FusionWidgets, which supports saveAsImage feature(if called from JavaScript).

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Thanks for your reply. So I used debugging and discovered I have version 3.0.1, which seems to be the latest. Mine is from the Enterprise edition, but when it was called FusionGadgets. But I see no difference between the two Gantt.swf files.




So, assuming my version is not the problem, what is going wrong here? I get no errors from the debug. I am able to right-click from the browser and save the file, but not able to call a JavaScript function to save the file. I have even tried using the document.getElementById method. This works for all of my other .swf chart files.




Is it possible to save a gantt chart as an image using JavaScript?




Thanks again.





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