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Hi everybody,




Some time ago I started working with C# .NET ,and now, I need to use some Fusion Charts on a project. I had some experience with it, but using ASP .NET (not using the ShockWave Flash Object).




I have the XML file, but now I can't show the chart on the form. Here it is the XML composition method:



object[,] arrData = new object[6, 2];


public string geraGrafico()




//Store Name of Products


arrData[0, 0] = "125Hz";


arrData[1, 0] = "250Hz";


arrData[2, 0] = "500Hz";


arrData[3, 0] = "1000Hz";


arrData[4, 0] = "2000Hz";


arrData[5, 0] = "4000Hz";


//Store sales data


arrData[0, 1] = 2;


arrData[1, 1] = 5;


arrData[2, 1] = 3.5;


arrData[3, 1] = 1;


arrData[4, 1] = 10;


arrData[5, 1] = -2;


StringBuilder xmlData = new StringBuilder();



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  First of tell you please modify your code in <set> tag value attribute take only numeric value. See this code

 Your code:

 xmlData.AppendFormat("<set label='{0}' value='{1}Hz' />", arrData[i, 0], arrData[i, 1]);

 Change it to:

  xmlData.AppendFormat("<set label='{0}' value='{1}' />", arrData[i, 0], arrData[i, 1]);


 Could you please tell me, are you using FusionCharts in C# win form application? then you can follow this post

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