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Is it possible to have a shaded area that doesn't go all the way down to zero?

I'm looking to have a a multi-line chart with a shaded area, i.e. from the attached image, the light grey line (lowest line) should be shaded down to 45 and not 0.


Screen Shot 2020-12-16 at 5.07.56 PM.png

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Also, is there the possibility to have a different min y shading value as the charts? I would like there to be some "padding" so the user can see maybe another tick (i.e. area low is 45, and chart low is 40)

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Hi Mazen,

"yAxisMinValue" accepts only a fixed numeric value. However, you can use "setAdaptiveYMin" attribute to let the y-axis lower limit adapt itself to the data values provided to the chart. To do so, set the setAdaptiveYMin attribute to 1.

Please note: setAdaptiveYMin will work only when yAxisMinValue is not explicity mentioned.


For your second query, as of now it is not supported to define the lower bounds of the area chart hence it will go down to the value mentioned in the "yAxisMinValue" attribute or any other value assumed by the Y axis (in case of setAdaptiveYMin).


Documentation link:-

Set Chart Limits Explicitly:

Set Y-axis Minimum value:


Hope this will help.


Srishti Jaiswal

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