USA Map Labels not rendering consistently

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I have been doing development with the FCMap_USA.swf.




I have the map registered with javascript and have javascript links for all of the states. On every click, the map is reloading XML from a javascript object.




There is a major bug: every 20 clicks or so the labels for the states will not render and there is a thick black line that shows up at the top left of the map. The tooltips still render and everything else still works fine but this could look very unprofessional to our users and is thus a major problem for us.




You can see it in your own demo too:


Click a lot and you will see what I am talking about.

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Can you please provide the following details:

1. Browser name and browser version you are using. (Example: FireFox 3 or Internet Explorer 6)

2. Version of Flash Plugin Installed

3. FusionMaps product version

4. FusionMaps JavaScript version (available within JS file as JS comments)

5. Screenshots of the error.

The above would help us address the issue at the earliest.

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We are experiencing the same issue! Every now and then the USA map renders without all the labels in the right place, they just all get cluttered in the top left corner and not where they are supposed to be individually.

Was a solution provided to the above queries? How do i resolve this to make sure that the label rendering is consistent?

Please let me know.




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Sincere apologies for the delay and the inconvenience caused.


The issue of the labels inconsistently placed on the maps had been already reported.


We are working on this and the same shall be fixed in the upgraded version of FusionMaps, i.e, FusionMaps XT.


We shall update you as soon we come up with the solution.


Thank you for your continued patience and patronage.

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