Fusion Time custom range selector (initial interval) not working

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I am beginner on using fusion time, i am using vb.net with MySQL database, i would like to enable only 35 days on the calendar, currently when the page load to render the chart, it will takes too long time to load 35 days data on the chart(configure by back end coding). I wanted to just show by default only 1 week of data to display on the chart, and the calendar would like to enable 35 days for user to pick their desired timeframe. 

But i am not able to set the interval correctly, can anyone help? Thanks.

        Dim fusionTable As FusionTable = New FusionTable(schema, data.ToString)
        Dim timeSeries As TimeSeries = New TimeSeries(fusionTable)
        timeSeries.AddAttribute("caption", "{ text:'Particle Counter' }")
        timeSeries.AddAttribute("subcaption", "{text:'Daily'}")
        timeSeries.AddAttribute("navigator", "{enabled:'0'}")
        timeSeries.AddAttribute("xAxis", "{initialinterval:{from: '2020-12-24', to:'2020-12-30'}}")----------> i am not able to make this work
        timeSeries.AddAttribute("yAxis", "[{plot: {value:  'Particle Counter Value',type:'line'},title:  'Pt 1 0.5', series:  'SensorName' }]")

        Dim chart As Chart = New Chart("timeseries", "first_chart", "1600", "700", "json", timeSeries)
        ltChart.Text = chart.Render()

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Thanks for getting in touch.

Yes by specifying the initial time interval you could show the data confirming the particular time slice initially 

The custom range selector control also would confirm the initial time interval set. For reference check, the following sample Specify initial time interval (fusioncharts.com)

Please check to the sample and implement it accordingly.




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