how to put license key in SSR project

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My project is using server side rendering with next.js and I imported chart component this way.

import dynamic from 'next/dynamic.js';

const FC = dynamic(() => import('../Employee/EmployeeFusionChart'), {
  ssr: false,

we already purchased license so I tried to remove watermark from chart. when I put options in chart components and it was successful. 

function NextFC({ data }) {
  ReactFC.fcRoot(FusionCharts, Chart, FusionTheme);
  FusionCharts.options.creditLabel = false;
    key: 'OUR license key'
    creditLabel: false,

  return <ReactFC {...chartConfigs} />;

when I see this description from fusion chart website. They said I don't need to provide a license every time.
then if I want to put the license option in app.js, what should i do?
Or is there any other way to provide the license option just one time in my project? 


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