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Using a bulb widget, I'm trying to set the color based on one value and the number it displays using a second value.  Is this possible?

In the chart definition, I've got color range set as:

    <color minValue='2' maxValue='2' label='Warning' code='4794f7' />
    <color minValue='3' maxValue='3' label='Minor' code='fefe54' />
    <color minValue='4' maxValue='4' label='Major' code='f09035' />
    <color minValue='5' maxValue='5' label='Critical' code='ea3324' />

And the number is set to:



Is there a way to have the color minValue/maxValue use one variable and the <value>/</value> as a second value?

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Hi James,

The value should lie between the color range you are defining in the dataSource.

However, you can have a value outside the defined color ranged but if your provide a value greater than the defined color range then the widget will automatically choose the color of the max color range for the bulb and vice versa.



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