Jonathan Diaz

heatmap with color ranges for each row

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I would like to make a heat map that calculates the color ranges for each row separately



As shown in the image, that row number 1 has its own color range and row number 2 also has its own color range.

Ya que el rango de colores que me muestra es general toma en cuenta las dos filas.


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The Heatmap cells color is determined by the "colorRange" object that you define in your dataSource. Check this sample fiddle for reference :
Or you can explicitly set the color of the cells by defining the "color" configuration attribute within the individual "data" objects as below :
"rowid": "Samsung Galaxy S5",
"columnid": "Processor",
"value": "8.7",
"tllabel": "Quad Core 2.5 GHz",
"trlabel": "OS : Android 4.4 Kitkat",
"color": "#FF0000"




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