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I'm facing an issue with the 3.17 Fusion Charts version (compare to the 3.15) on the dynamic resizing behavior.

In fact, on a dashboard that i'm working on, i'm using ms charts (mspline, overlapscolumns, radar) and "simple" charts 'piecharts'. Whene i resize my scree dynamically, the ms charts do not adapt their width to fit their container, despite the fact that charts width is set to 100%. 

This is only happening to ms charts, because the pie charts behavior is good, that is, it adapt to the container size. 

When I  retry this with the 3.15 library on fusion charts, the dynamic resizing behavior was good ! 

Is their some attribute that needs to put add in order to dynamicly resize ms charts on the 3.17 version of fusioncharts or is there any bugs to fix ? 


Don't hesitate if you need further informations ! 


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Thank you for your answer ! 

Actually I was trying the 3.17 to be able to use "rem" "vw" ... on font size. 

Is this feature availiable in the 3.16 ? 


Thank you 


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