Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'xConfigs'/'dataset' of undefined

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I have created a timeseries class component with the following state:

this.state = {
			timeseriesDs: {
				type: "timeseries",
				id: "myChart",
				renderAt: "container",
				series: "Type",
				width: "100%",
				height: "95%",
				dataSource: {
					chart: { multicanvas: props.multiGrid, exportEnabled: true },
					caption: {
						text: props.caption,
					subCaption: {
						text: props.subCaption,
					yaxis: this.generateYaxis(),
			tagList: props.tagList,
			schema: this.generateSchema(),

The following function is used to change the timeseries' multicanvas property:

changeType() {
	let timeseriesCopy = this.state.timeseriesDs;
	timeseriesCopy.dataSource.chart = { multicanvas: this.props.multiGrid, exportEnabled: true };
	this.setState({ timeseriesDs: timeseriesCopy });

When I use this function, everything works fine, and the chart changes from having plots for each line to only having one plot with multiple lines. This also works when changing back and forth. However, after changing using the function twice, I get these errors:


Everything seemingly still works fine after these errors, but they show up again every time the changeType-function is used. How do I get rid of these pesky errors?

("react-fusioncharts": "^3.1.2", "fusioncharts": "^3.16.0")

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