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XML structure with trendline in it

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Hello all,




Nice job you are doing with this charts ;)




I have a problem though: can someone explain me how can i insert a trend-line in my XML structure ?




I have the following structure (the XML is generated for the Line 2D Chart):




<graph param="value" param="value" param="value">

<set name="01" value="66.1528" hoverText="text" color="B4F974"/>

<set name="02" value="13.3" hoverText="text" color="264FCB"/>

<set name="03" value="13.3" hoverText="text" color="BD6938"/>


<set name="31" value="66.1528" hoverText="text" color="B4F974"/>





where and how should i insert the trend-line code in order for it to show on my graph ?




Thank you in advance.




(btw, the [ code ] and [ / code ] does not strip < and > )

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Could you please follow this V3 XML Structure also see this link?

<chart caption='Monthly Revenue' xAxisName='Month' yAxisName='Revenue' numberPrefix='$' showValues='0'>

 <set label='Jan' value='420000' />

 <set label='Feb' value='910000' />

 <set label='Mar' value='720000' />

 <set label='Apr' value='550000' />

 <set label='May' value='810000' />

 <set label='Jun' value='510000' />

 <set label='Jul' value='680000' />

 <set label='Aug' value='620000' />

 <set label='Sep' value='610000' />

 <set label='Oct' value='490000' />

 <set label='Nov' value='530000' />

 <set label='Dec' value='330000' />



<line startValue='700000' color='009933' displayvalue='Target' />




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