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error occurred while loading data - only on IE only on 1 site

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I am serving up my source data from our CMS. When I load the page in Firefox the chart draws fine. When I load it in IE the object shows this error in debug:


ERROR: an error occurred while loading your data. Please check your dataURL....




If I load the dataURL as a page in IE, it loads it fine.


If I copy the output to a static file and change the object to use the static file then the chart loads fine.




I have checked and there is no difference that I can see in the headers of the response. At first I thought it might be the chunked encoding on the response from the CMS, but I wrote a CGI to spit out the static file (to produce the chunked encoding) and it still succeeds when not using the CMS The body of the response from the server is identical in both cases. What might be causing this?




One question? When the chart requests the data does it use the browser? Does the chart data request send the same cookies that the browser sends?

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