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Hi Folks,

We are using the Scatter chart and we are specifying the value x and y.

From my perspective it makes no sense to display the y-Value if you activate the ShowValue='1' as you are x and y represent the Axis values it make even more sense to display a label at the point in the scatter.

<dataset seriesName='Hans Dampf' >

<set x='51672.2000' y='35636' toolText='root3' />

<set x='67775.9' y='46742' toolText='root1' />

<set x='17553.7' y='12106' toolText='Not Assigned Sold-to party (s)' />


The sample above explains the problem:

you have one series with 3 values in the scatter. Each value will be blue. Only if you move over the point you will see the description.

For normal charts this behaviour is correct but for scatter of bubble it is non-sense. And without a data table it is not possible to identify your points if you print the chart.

The <set..> must be enhanced like this:

<set x='67775.9' y='46742' label='Root1' showlabel='1' toolText='root1' />

Please provide a updated Scatter.swf

best regards





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