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Invalid XML Data

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I'm trying the FusionCharts Basic Database Example but i'm getting an error Invalid XML Data


Rails -v 2.1.1


here is my code:


<% @page_title="FusionCharts - Database Example" %>


<% @page_heading="FusionCharts Database Example Using dataXML method" %>


<% @page_subheading="Click on any pie slice to slice it out. Or, right click to enable rotation mode." %>


<%str_xml = render "process_utilizations/basic_factories_quantity",{:factory_data => @factory_data}


render_chart '/FusionCharts/Pie3D.swf', '', str_xml, 'FactorySum', 600, 300, false, false do-%>


<% end-%>




xml =


xml.chart(:caption=>'Factory Output report', :subCaption=>'By Quantity', :pieSliceDepth=>'30', :showBorder=>'1', :formatNumberScale=>'0', :numberSuffix=>'Units') do


for item in factory_data










def basic_dbexample




@factory_data = []


factory_masters = FactoryMaster.find(:all)


factory_masters.each do |factory_master|


total = 0


factory_id =


factory_name =


factory_master.factory_output_quantities.each do |factory_output|


total += factory_output.quantity.to_i











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The statement in the builder:

for item in factory_data

implies that the factory_data has to be sent as parameter to the builder. I hope that you are passing this value from basic_dbexample.html.erb

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