How to determine Width & Height of Chart ?

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unfortunately I can't find a topic concerning my problem using the search...




Is there a way to determine the exact height & width of the chart ?


I need it to position other movieclips around it, but when trying to access the _width &


_height - properties of the main chart-MC I always get too large values, much about 2000px,


altough I set these props to be 500/300 when instantiating the chart.


I've seen that some helper-mcs are created and positioned offstage (-2000..) but changing


the values or parents doesn't help sufficiently.


Below is a loop trough the main chart-MC, when the setting the tfTestMC's ( in Chart.as) parent to _root.


The height already is smaller, but not the width.


The chart however was instantiated with 600w & 550h.


Also I wonder, how can the chartMCS_0's height be 670 when some inside MC is 550h and y-positioned 275 ... (Background)









_width 2602.95 _height 671.5 _x 0 _y 0






_width 2602.95 _height 671.5 _x 0 _y 0






_width 2602.95 _height 549.5 _x 0 _y 22






_width 599.5 _height 549.5 _x 300 _y 275






_width 0 _height 0 _x 0 _y 22







Any help welcome.






I'm using FC 3.0.4

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