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encoding problem

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I have an encoding problem (with euro symbol and accents) in Linux/ JBoss (Tomcat 5.x / JVM 1.5).






My FusionCharts Flash Object is rendered with the "dataURL" method (the flow has an xml content, posted by my server)




I tried a lot of strategies :


- encoding the XML flow in ISO-8859-15 : it's ok in windows because this OS use CP-1252 instead of my ISO-8859-15 (so we see it's ok in ISO-8859-15, but in fact it's CP-1252 encoded :-( )


- encoding the XML flow in UTF-8 : it's not ok in windows ...




I added filtering of url in web.xml (that forces the encoding of my choice), but nothing changed :-(


I also tried to re-encode my source files (that build the XML flow), no success this way...






Could you help me to find a "all OS, all servers working" solution ?






thank you









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