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Automatically Save the Chart as an Image file and ...

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Currently you need to right click on the Chart and use the option 'Save As Image' to save the Chart as an image file.

I have a requirement where the chart automatically has to be saved as an image without any manual intervention as well as save it in a folder that I specify. This requirement is to enable us to display the Chart in a PDF document.

Does anyone know how this can be done? If Yes, appreciate if you include the sample code also! :)

A few more queries related to saving the chart as an image:

1. Can the Chart be saved in other formats like PNG or TIF?

2. Can the Resolution of the Chart be increased from its default 96 DPI to say 200DPI? When we display the Chart in a PDF and needs to be printed, the Chart looks fuzzy if it has a resolution of 96DPI. It needs to be of 200 or 300DPI.

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FusionCharts v3.1 allows to export charts as PDFs as well, and also lets to choose whether to export the charts at client-side or server-side.




Ref.- Please check with the following links for your reference:












For detailed reference please refer to the FusionCharts v3 documentation with this link:




Hope this helps. :)

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