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Fusion Charts Implementation

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We are presently using Fusion charts in the development of the application.

I as a developer, love the look and feel of Fusion Charts. But Client wants to know about some more features

before they buy it.

The features they asked for, are:-

1. Showing the Labels in the Bars (As we can show values). )

2. Tracker Functionality. )

I am using flash control which embeds the Chart. So when you right click, the context menu is showing only 2 things

Settings and About Adobe.

How do i implement printing and export functionality?

With Regards,

Jagadish S. W.


With Regards,


Jagadish S W

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With FusionCharts v3.1, you can add a custom text label inside bar by setting [set displayValue='Your label' ..] and can be configured to show inside using [chart placeValuesInside='1' ...]




I'm afraid we do not yet have tracker functionality.




For export and print, you'll need to configure the XML. For print set [chart showPrintMenuItem='1' ...]




For export, please see > Exporting as images/PDF

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