FusionCharts for Flex v1 released

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Dear all,




It gives me immense pleasure to announce the commercial release of FusionCharts for Flex v1.




FusionCharts for Flex v1 now offers 45 chart types including both 2D & 3D. In addition to the general charts comprising of single-series, multi-series, stacked and combination charts, it also offers unique charts like scroll charts, true 3D chart, funnel & pyramid charts and the newly added Scatter & Bubble charts. Thus no matter what data you have, you will always have the right face for it - and a beautiful one at that.




You may download the no-restriction trial, or purchase licenses from




With improved drag & drop support in Flex Builder IDE, just dragging the FusionCharts for Flex component from the toolbar into your project gets you to your "wow" moment. And the best part is that there's no learning curve involved at all - FusionCharts for Flex smartly abstracts the internals of FusionCharts, thereby exposing Flex APIs and events that are already familiar to you! Also, we have extensive documentation and code samples which make sure you face no issues at all.




FusionCharts for Flex has the following licensing structure:


- Developer License for $299 per developer. This license allows a developer to use FusionCharts for Flex in all the projects that he develops.


- Enterprise License for $1,499. This license allows a business with multiple developers located in a single physical building to use FusionCharts for Flex in all their Flex projects.


- OEM License for $2,499. This license allows an ISV to embed FusionCharts for Flex in their Flex product for distribution to unlimited clients.




So what are you waiting? Download your copy now and make your Flex applications look like a million bucks!

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Guest Rajroop

Hello :),




We are really excited to announce the release of FusionCharts for Flex v1.1 featuring the following:




- 12 new chart types: 7 new gauges including Angular gauge, LED gauge and Linear gauge, Spark chart and Bullet graphs have been added.


- All the gauges can fetch data in real-time and come with alert managers and message loggers.


- All the charts and gauges can now be natively exported as images and PDFs.


- The data for all the charts can be exported as CSV.


- Data sets can now have custom text labels instead of numeric values.


- The charts can handle a lot more events to help you manipulate them better.


- Trendlines can also have custom tool-text.


- Custom color palettes can be defined for the data plots.




Learn more about it from and learn more on whats new from




Existing customers can upgrade to the new version from

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