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undefined local variable or method `arr_data'

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Thanks for this I now have the demo working correctly. I do have one issue though. When I tried to create my own controller and view (including builder) I get the following error




I have copied the helper into lib, edited application helper to reference them, and copied the javascript files. I haven

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The file names and paths might be causing the problem. This error will occur only if the variable is not being passed via locals hash.


But here are a few things to check:


1. Please ensure that the view .html.erb file has same name as controller action name. In this case "project". Only then @arr_data is visible to it. The name of the view should be project.html.erb in your case

2. Now, in the view, the builder is rendered using render :file=>'dashboard/project' this means that the project.builder file should be in the dashboard folder inside app/views.

3. Next, you cannot have project.html.erb and project.builder in the same folder because you are referencing one from the other (as seen in #2)

Hope this helps.

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