How to change background color?

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Hi.. Recently test the Filemaker Fusioncharts and I have been using the example of Multseries to create a personal chart to show the high of the jumps (testing performance) with the dates in which the subject perform the test.. There are two questions:




One: I cannot change the background of the example and all the charts are in Light orange.. how can I change to white?..




TwO: The order of the test dates does not correspond to the date order.. How I can change the order of the Xaxis Values?




Any manual for beginners??

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Could you please try using bgColor attribute in chartParams query string?

&chartParams=[caption=Sales by Week;subcaption=CurrentMonth;yAxisName=Revenue; xAxisName=Weeks;canvasbgColor=ffffff;canvasBorderThickness=1;

canvasBorderColor=eece8c;formatNumberScale=1; bgColor=ffffff,ffffff]

&labels=Week 1;Week 2;Week 3;Week4&data=40800;31400;26700;55400

For beginners' tutorials please refer to :

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