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Angular Gauge usage - reverse values

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I am afraid, this is not possible as of now.


I know it has been almost 4 years since the last post for this topic, but is it possible now? I searched the documentation but couldn't find an answer.




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Hi Mari,


Welcome to FusionCharts Forum.


Yes, it is possible to reverse the values by configuring gauge angles. FusionWidgets XT angular gauge allows you to draw the gauge from virtually any start angle to any end angle and in both directions.


Can you please make use of "gaugeStartAngle" and "gaugeEndAngle" attribute in the chart element as per your requirement?


For example: <<chart lowerLimit="0" upperLimit="100" gaugeStartAngle="0" gaugeEndAngle="180" ...> Please find the attached screenshot for your reference.


Hope this helps.


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