FusionMaps v3.0.4 Released

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We've just released FusionMaps v3.0.4 (previously PowerMaps) at It boasts of the following enhancements:

  • Renamed product name to FusionMaps (from PowerMaps).
  • New: Following 5 maps added: Europe (UK divided into countries), Central America with Caribbean, North America without Central America division, Asia-3, Malta
  • New: Added option for Marker Connectors. Marker Connectors allow you to connect any two markers using a line and a label. The cosmetic properties of the label and line can be configured from XML.
  • New: Added pre-built Marker XMLs indicating important cities for most of the maps in suite. You can now directly use these XMLs to show important cities in your region.
  • New: New code samples (ASP, PHP) and documentation on how to use FusionMaps with database.
  • New: Website, map gallery & dashboard samples.
  • New: Font properties can now be customized for each entity on the map.
  • New: Added option to disable hover for entities that do not have a value.
  • New: Added option to add a caption to legend.
  • Bug fix: Fixed the legend empty marker issue. Now, the legend marker will consistently show as filled rectangle across all platforms.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed label placement position, when x-scale and y-scale of map was simultaneously animated.
  • Bug fix: Fixed tool tip position issue when map is loaded into nested movie clips inside other Flash movie.
  • Bug fix: Minor changes in World-8 Map, Virginia Map & North America Map tracing.

Existing customers can download the free upgrade from > My orders > Re-download.

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