adding link to javascript function

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Ho to all...


I need to insert in the set tag a link to a javascript function...


I've insert in the page head tag this code:






script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript" src="indicatori/funzioni/FusionCharts.js">/script>


script language="JavaScript">


function myJS(myVar){










With "<" before the tag name!!!




and my set tag appear like this:


set label="finanziamento statale" value="733" link="j-myJS-prova"


but don't happen anything...




Where is the error?


I attach my XML.


Thanks a lot.




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saptarshi (6/23/2009)
Hello Stefano,




Please find attached a ZIP file which has an HTML, XML and the SWF file.




Hope this helps. :)




I have the same problem.


But your example don't work on my pc too.


Tested in FF3.5, IE8, Chrome3.0. Adobe Flash Player 10.


Why? :)

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Guest Basundhara Ghosal





We have tested the attachment in our lab and it seems to be working fine.




Could you please let us know whether you have made any changes to the files?




Waiting for your reply.:)

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