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how to click javascript on entire chart.

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I am very new to fusion chart development.

i m using java,jsp to build charts.

i want to call one javascript function on clicking on any where in the chart.

As of my knowledge we can call on bars and lines by using link property as part of set tag.

but i want same functnality for entire chart.

let me know is it possible.

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Thank u very much for ur response Asap.

which page you reffered to me,i read already.

here they r calling particular html page as url.

insted of that shal i call javascript function like javascript:download('DwnNPS',4).

if i have the js file as external file.

Thanks Alot.....

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I used like this in my jsp.

<chart labelDisplay='Rotate'  slantLabels='1'  connectNullData='1'  baseFont='Ge Inspira'  useRoundEdges='1' legendPosition='RIGHT'  yAxisName='NPS' legendBorderAlpha='0' shownames='1' showvalues='0' clickURL='download('DwnNPS',2)'>

by puting javascript function in head tag in same page.

<script language="javascript">

function download(feed,ctl){

var form  = document.forms[0];






it is showing invalid xml data.

may i know where i did the mistake.



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