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How can I overwrite limits on the Y axis?

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I have the following question:




We are capturing free mem for some server. Sometimes (weekends) the values are too high. However, during the week the values are low.




We need to have the values in our weekly chart but the high values are making the low values almost invisible in the chart.




Is there a way that I can set a default maximum value for the Y axis. I tried to use a lower value. However, FC always reset the scale to the maximum value.




Thank you,

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Welcome to the forum! :)




You can specify a maximum value by using the attribute yAxisMaxValue='number' attribute in the chart element.




However, whenever in the actual dataset there is a value that is higher than the preset YAxisMaxValue, the max value will be over-ridden.




So the only way to not let that happen is to somehow programmatically check for sudden spikes that fall out of the range.




Do let us know how you implement this or if you need further help anywhere. :)

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