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Hi All,




Before we purchase FC, we need to know if there is a way to not display the values for the graphs in the HTML code, when doing a Flash based Line chart.




I release that exporting an image to the screen will not create this problem, however in the current free edition we are using, it can't export to image.




Can someone please fill me in if this is possible?







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I am not sure your requirement is quite clear to me, but in case you don't want to show the values of the data points on your line chart that can be easily done in our v3.1 charts.




Is that what you are trying to do?




Also, could you please tell us which version of the FusionCharts you are using? Are you using FusionCharts v3.1 Evaluation or the FusionCharts Free/OpenSource?




Awaiting your reply.:)

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Hey mate,




We are creating a line graph with the free version, but what we were concerned about was the XML codes that are shown in the HTML.




At present it shows




{XML value1="04" value2="02" etc




to make the graph.




Is there a way to create the flash graphs, where the data is not shown in the html source?




That is kind of an important thing for us: to keep the data secret, but still be able to visually release it.

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Hi Steve,




Firstly, if you are planning to buy FusionCharts v3.1 make sure you use the free evaluation copy available at:




and use these chart SWFs in this download package to test.




In v3.1 it is possible to not show the XML data on the HTML page by using the dataURL method where you put the data in an XML file and on the HTML page specify just the URL to the XML file. This way the data is not directly visible to the user.

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