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Server Side Export failing

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report. I originally posted this in the wrong forum.

I just downloaded the trial version and am attempting to use the sample ExportChartSamples/ServerSide/SaveExample.html to export a chart.  I have enabled the debug mode.  When attempting to save the image as a JPEG file I receive this error message.

Export Transmit Data Start: The chart has finished capture stage of bitmap export and is now initiating transfer of data to the module at 'http:localhostFusionChartsExportHandlersASP_NetFCExporter.aspx'.

Error in connection: The server side export module for exporting the chart could not be reached or it did not respond correctly. Please check the exportHandler path that you've specified in XML. Also, please check that the requisite modules are installed on the server to be able to generate the images.


I am using IIS and have enabled ASP.NET.

http:localhostFusionChartsExportHandlersASP_NetFCExporter.aspx displays the page:





statusMessage=Insufficient data.


What am I missing?

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