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Using connectNullData with MSSpLine.swf

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I can't proceed without solving this issue, please give suggestion.




I'm herewith attaching three png files


All i need is getting smooth curve with any of the charts as in Requirement.png.


With MSLine.swf:- I'm able to connect all points with connectNullData='1' attribute but the curve is not smooth


With MSSpline.swf:- Even though i used connectNullData attribute the points are not joining.




Is there any way to proceed?


Awaiting for your reply




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Guest Madhumita

Hi Madhu,




Could you please refer to the link below for answers to these queries.




Note :The MSSpline chart does not support connectNullData attribute.




You can use MSLine chart for connecting discontinuous data but, you will not recieve a 'smooth curve'.




Hence , as of now, this is not possible.:D

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