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Fusioncharts and Powerpoint

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How to export fusioncharts to powerpoint? I'v seen here that it's not supported so my question is, when will it be? And

Is there any way to save charts in PNG or jpg on the server and then pic it up with another application for converting it to Powerpoint, word...

Please help!!


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Hi Nor_jk,

1. Yes, you can save the chart on the server but need to render the chart once. And please refer to http://www.fusioncharts.com/docs/ >> Server-side exporting >> Saving to server disk section for more information.
2. To automate the process of creating the PPT file with the generated image you could refer to the attached VB Script file. To execute the VB Script file just double click on the file name, but please remember to set the image path and output PPT file path in the source code.


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Guest Rajroop

Hey there,




We've just released a new and free add-in for PowerPoint that lets you add FusionCharts very easily to your slides. Check out oomfo @ http://oomfo.com




Would love to have your feedback/suggestions. :)

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