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Iam learing fusion charts.I have developed a sample application in has default.aspx and the other popup1 .aspx.Iam unable to drildown the chart.Can u suggest me where i have gone wrong.Iam here by attaching my sample code.


i have two questins


1)Can we have nested drilldown charts ie if i click chart1 ,chart 2 should be loaded and if i click chart 2 chart 3 should be loaded.


2). how to escape the + sign.I could escape the % by  calling the Function.ExcapeXml But its not working for +

eg: one of my dat is as shown below

  GE Price 26+% Above Competition Price

i could format the above line ............Function.excapexml(GE Price 26+% Above Competition Price)


the o/p is (GE Price 26 % Above Competition Price) its not giving as desired.could you please suggest


Thanks &Regards,

Sunil T

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Thanks for using FusionCharts.

From your attachement we find that you are using FusionCharts v3.0.1.

We have progressed in our version much further with lots of new features till date and our latest version is 3.1.1.

Could you please download the latest version from The download pack contains latest Trial chart files, code samples, documentation( extensively discussing the code samples) which I hope would solve all your issues.

We hope using our latest wrapper classes etc., your implementation would be simpler. You can also read Documentation online from

And your specific area of interest might ben the section : Guide For Web Developer >> Using With C# (ASP.NET)

Nevertheless, we have modified your code (with a few fixes and hacks) a bit to cater to your requirements. Using latest wrapper classes and charts, you would not require the hacks or fixes.

Please find attached.

Note: have update the latest Trial SWF files in the sample.

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