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Need to display Month name instead of dates on X-axis.

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Hi All,

I am generating the graphs by reading data from excel file (using python to generate XML from XLS). I have an issue with graph displaying data.

The data contains dates (x-axis) and i need to club dates / create range of the respective month to display month name in x-axis. The data is as below...


The current graph is like below for above data...747e0aa2-34a1-4f55-a910-10af.JPG

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Guest Madhumita


Welcome to FusionCharts forum. :)


Can you please create another column (this should be the first column in the excel sheet) which contains the month name beside the dates? The monyhs will then be considered as labels.


I hope you will be able to club the dates into respective months then.



In case this does not help, you can attach your excel document along with the specifications, so that we can help you solve the issue.


Awaiting your reply. :)

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