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Setting padding for the values in the Y-axis

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Hey guys.

Im trying figure out how to set padding between the values in the y axis. I don't mean visually- rather, if the first value in the y axis is 20, then the next one will be 70, and the next one will be 120, etc...

How do i do that?

thanks ahead

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Guest Madhumita





If you wish to display the y-axis values at definite intervals say, starting from 20, then 70,120, and ending at 170, then in the <chart> element, please set yAxisMinValue='20' and yAxisMaxValue='170' and numDivLines='2' ---->(total number of y-axis values to be displayed - 2).




If you wish to show random intervals you can set showYAxisValues='0' and set trendlines at the required positions.




Hope this helps. :(

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