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I am new to fusion charts. Can somebody tell me how to fix the interval of the x-axis and y-axis scales. I have a simple graph report and based on the minimum and maximum values that I set, the interval between the scale values are keeping changing. Say if the minimum value in Y-axis is 10 and maximum is 100, then I get a scale as 10, 20, 30 ...100. But when the maximum is increased then the interval keeps changing. I want to keep the interval fixed to 10.

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Guest Basundhara Ghosal


Welcome to FusionCharts forum. :P

FusionCharts supports the customization of the divisional lines.

Could you please try it by increasing the number of the divlines using the "numDivLines" attribute in the <chart> element.

Also, In that case, you need to disable automatic adjustment of divisional lines using "adjustDiv" attribute in the <chart> element.

Ref.- <chart ... adjustDiv='0' yAxisMaxvalue='100' yAxisMinValue='10' numDivLines='5'>

Please refer to the below link for further details on this:-

Hope this helps.

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