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Stacked bar charts

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I currently use ColdFusion and StackedColumn3D.swf to produce a stacked chart. The top bar shows total qty coming in and the bottom bar shows total qty going out, per month.

Here is part of the code I am using looks something like this :

<dataset seriesname = "Total Qty In">

<dataset seriesname = "Total Qty Out">

<cfloop query="qryName">

<category name="#month#">

<set value="#qyIN#">

<set value="#qtyOut#">


<cfoutput>#renderChart("http://#cgi.SERVER_NAME#/Fusion/Charts/StackedColumn3D.swf", "", strXML, "chartID", 760, 600, false, false)#</cfoutput>


So far, this works, because I only use one query. However, I now need to use two queries, one to get the total qty coming in and the other to get the total qty going out.

Using two queries, how can still produce the stacked bar chart ?

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