How to use Fussionmaps in jsp!

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Hi Srividya,

in FusionchartsRender.jsp we have createChart method to create chart,

In this fusionmapsrender.jsp i did nt noticed any method,it directly taking req perameters.

I am not getting how is it work?

please send me some sample  code to useing fusionmapsrender.jsp .

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Hi Srividya,

Can u please help on this to is urgent to me.

I want to implement the same thing as done in

If i click on an entity inside an fusion map it should show one more frame with another map and if i close the frame it should show same page where i clicked entity before.


I am already went through the documentation for drilldown.

there i am confussing with frames.

how to relate jsps wth frames?

Let me know how to acchive this.

Thanks in advance.....

Any sample code???

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