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I am unable to use the getXML() method of the chart object when i use the fusionchartsDOM.


If i switch it and load it using javascript (new FusionCharts()) and a setDataXML() i can then use the getXML() function.




Shouldn't i be able to use the getXML() with this fusionchartsDOM?




i was using this to attempt to get the chart xml, but i get a "chartToPrint.getXML is not a function"




function getChartXML(){

//Get chart from its ID

var chartToPrint = getChartFromId("chart1Id");






registerWithJS is turned on and set to 1.

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I do have the beta version, and been testing it alot.

I ended up deleting the FusionCharts folder and downloading and extracting the charts and js again, cleared the cache, and everything is working now.

Thank you for your help.  Turned out to be a simple fix.


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