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Transparancy Issue - IE 7 - Ruby on Rails

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Hello Respected Customer Service Authority,




I am using fusion charts V3 to generate various graphs with Ruby on Rails Platform.




I am using server side approach to render and export charts.




Now the issue is in IE 7 when after generating graph if i open any modal pop up (that ideally overlaps all the other elements on the page),


it is not overlapping generated fusion chart.




I am rendering my chart as below way




str_xml = render "usage_report/{chart_xml}"


chart_type = "/FusionCharts/{chart_type}.swf}"




render_chart_html chart_type, '', str_xml,"", 800, 400, false do




I show in you forum about this issue and find that may be it is required to set transparent mode as true while rendering the chart but i could not work around for this issue.




Please let me know work around for this issue.







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Guest Basundhara Ghosal

Hi Piyush,

Could you please send us the screen-shot of the issue that you are facing, as an attachment?

Awaiting your reply. :hehe:

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