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Where can I find attribute list for styling

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When we use 'style ' element in that


we specify 'feature' for an 'object name' .


Ex.For styling 'CAPTION' we use 'font' feature and


in that we use 'color/fontstyle/fontsize' .




In my case I want to use 'glow/bevel/blur' features for 'Dataplot'


but I couldn't find required attributes for the same.




I already seen list


can u help me?

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Guest Basundhara Ghosal

Hi Nitin,

Could you please try applying "Styles" on the dataplots for 'glow/bevel/blur'  properties?

Ref:- <styles>


<style name='MyFirstGlow' type='Glow' color='FF5904' alpha='75' quality='10'/>



  <apply toObject='Caption' styles='MyFirstFontStyle,MyFirstShadow' />



Please refer to the links below for further details on the same :-


Hope this helps. :D

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