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Problem with the Grid component textVerticalPadding

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I am trying to customize the Grid component. I am passing a few parameters to it and most of them work just fine. However, I've noticed that the textVerticalPadding does not produce the expected result.

Even though I am using this:


'textVerticalPadding', '0');

..the vertical space between each item is quite big. The only workaround is to reduce the size of the Flash component.

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Guest Madhumita


The textVerticalPadding works for the grid component upto a certain level. Even setting it to zero works. If you test with several set elements you will notice that for the same size of the grid more legends are showing on a single page than when a higher value of textVerticalPadding is used. If you can please send us a screen-shot of the grid chart along with the XML and specify the chart height for the grid, we will find out where the issue lies.

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