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Chart messages for .net window application

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I want to show chart message ( retreiving wait .....) before chart not displayed.


I saw ChartNoDataText like property on help documents but


I think it is applying for web application not mine window application?




Am I right? If not please correct me and suggest the property name to set chart message.



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Guest Basundhara Ghosal

Hi Nitin, 

Could you please try the following steps:-

1) Set the chart and the loading image on the same DIV.

2) Set the transparency of the chart to true so that the loading image gets displayed on top of the chart.

3) Set the tranparency of the chart to false once the hasRendered function gets fired.

Please refer to the links below for further details on the same.


Hope this helps. Smile.gif

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The setting transparency function is for web application as you can see in the example codes


but I asked for window application.


But I think, it is not possible because for the application all xml properties set before chart is to be displayed and depending on that xml chart is displayed.




So now I want to display separately only message with white background on chart and when all data will retrieved I will set new


chart on the same object .




So how can I show only message on shockwave object ?

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