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OK, this is my temporal UGLY solution B):




A javascript function:




function dsClick() {


var link = document.getElementById("form1:link1");


return document.getElementById("form1:link1").click();








the java code:




public HtmlPanelGrid getPanel() {


if (panel == null) {


this.panel = new HtmlPanelGrid();


this. panel.setId("panel1");






return panel;






public HtmlCommandLink getLink() {


if (link == null) { = new HtmlCommandLink();"link1");; ActionListener() {


public void processAction(ActionEvent arg0) throws AbortProcessingException {










return link;






public HtmlForm getForm() {


if (form == null) {


this.form = new HtmlForm();












return form;








in the page:


ice:panelGrid binding="#{example.panel}"




and in the data set:




set name='Jan' value='462' link='javascript: dsClick();'

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